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Study MBBS inChina

China is known to be among the oldest civilizations of the world. This country has a history written more than 4,000 years ago of respected educational tradition and rich culture. This particular tradition of China is continuing today in the medical field. China is among those countries who have been one of the best destinations for the students who wish to study medicine in international countries. The ministry of education of China prior published the ‘Interim Provisions for the quality control standards for the undergraduate education of medicine in the English language for the aspirants from international countries. This was published in 2007 to provide the high-quality as well as the standardized experience of education. These provisions by the Chinese Ministry of Education are published and reviewed annually.


Why to Study MBBS in China?

There are various medical schools that have been authorized by the Government of China and the World Health Organization to provide MBBS for international students. There are some of the institutions who are not permitted to provide the admission to the international student for undergraduate medical programs in the language of English. In some recent years, there is no. of students who came to study MBBS in China.

The MBBS in China has been now in great demand by the international students because of various reasons. China is preferred by the students to complete their dream of studying MBBS in China. The medical courses such as MBBS are easily available in China in the English Language with world-class amenities and facilities. There are various factors that contribute to the popularity of the MBBS course in China.

China is known to be that superpower of the world which is ranked among the fastest growing economies of the world. As time has passed this country has been grown widely in all other spheres such as education. It is known as the emergence of a favorable destination for the medical programs. The world-class infrastructure and superior living conditions of the China surprised students enrolling.


Some Major Universities of China

China is a well-known country which provides the best education for students to study in China. China has been specializing in the course of MBBS with the most affordable fee structure for the candidates. It has been found that there are over 1.3 million students that have been enrolled for the top universities of China. The raised competition level has been increased the urgency of the students to enroll in China for overcoming the competition level. Chinese education is known to the basic key to overcoming the competition for a candidate. Chinese universities provide the world-class educations to the aspirants from China and other countries. Some of the best universities of China who offer the enrollment in MBBS are:

  • Nanjing University

    This University was founded in the year 1902 and is among the oldestand prestigious universities in China.
  • Southeast University

    It is a public research University located in Jiangsu Province named as Nanjing.
  • Yangzhou University

    A comprehensive provincial university established in the year 1992 with the merging of 6 colleges.
  • Jiangsu University

    A prestigious doctoral university established in the year 2001.
  • China Medical University:

    This University has started teaching the MBBS course in the English Language from the year 1978.
  • Jilin University

    A national research university which was founded in the year 1946.
  • Qiqihar University

    it is known to be a higher education institute which was founded in the year 1953.
  • Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine

    This University was set up the Chinese government and established in the year 1954.

Reasons to Choose China for the Course of MBBS

Most common and important Reasons

The Chinese economy had now become the second largest economy in the world after the United States of America and the GDP (i.e. Gross Domestic Product) of China simply surpassed the GDP of the Japan. There are over 500 companies in China doing business and ranked among the top companies of the world. Their base Asia-Pacific headquarters is located in the Shangai and Hong Kong.

These companies provide the opportunity to the students to work with some of the prestigious companies with some of the priceless experience. China is among the countries that can provide a great amount of experience to the students. Thus, this is one of the reasons a person can choose to study MBBS Abroad.

The main problem that is faced by the candidate when he or she chooses to study MBBS in abroad is the language. China is the country whose economy easily attracts some of the major business from the world. These businesses can facilitate the global trade and communication. English is the major language that is spoken by most of the people in China.

The total of 73% population of China speaks the English language. The learning of the mother tongue is the toughest thing a candidate needs to do for settling in that particular country. Hence, this problem is not a big issue for the students in China to study in English. The universities of China provide the program of MBBS to the candidates in the English language.

China is one of the most popular destinations to provide the international studies to the student with the world-class universities. Thus, the investment of the people in the education system has been increased in recent years. The majority of the students gets enrollment in the courses such as medical, economic, science, and engineering would find various universities such as Nanjing University, Jilin University, Yangzhou University, and China Medical University.

When it comes to the qualifications the level of qualification China provides is unbeatable. The students of China can easily go and work in any country easily without any problem. The universities of China degrees are valued globally all over the world. So, a candidate can undoubtedly choose to study MBBS in China.

The factor that makes China feel a little bit intimidating for the speakers of the English language is that the Mandarin language was taught in most of the schools and colleges of countries such as Germany and France. This makes also bears no audio or visual resemblance; it makes a very difficult for the students who do not have much knowledge about various languages. However, a non-learner can easily be settled in China by regular practice of the English language.

Thus, a candidate can also get to learn their desired course in the English language to study in China. Hence, it is important for a candidate o to know the other tongue of the China as it will help them to get better job opportunities. This is because a person with knowledge of various languages looks more desired to the job provider in China.

The major factor that a person needs to keep in mind is that what are the job opportunities the candidate if he or she chooses to study MBBS in Abroad. Thus, this is not a major issue while studying in China. Yes, even if a person does not have the knowledge of the mother tongue language of China. The medical institutions of China offer the best placement to their candidates after their study gets completed. They provide the placement in their affiliated hospitals and colleges even if they are not expert in the Mandarin Language. This is because why most of the candidate decides to study MBBS in China for making their future safe and secure.

The major factor that is considered by a person while choosing an institution to study in Abroad is the cost of the course considered by the aspirant. Hence, MBBS in India is quite much expensive than a person can think. The fees of MBBS in India and other foreign countries is quite much than China. China offers the cheapest medical studies to the candidates, as the money is a major issue for the students to study abroad. Thus, other countries for their own students are affordable by them but for the foreign students are high than compared to native ones. China does not have such type of rules for the candidates from international countries. The fees of the course of MBBS in China are the same for both the international aspirants and native aspirants.

The fee of the course is not only issues but the cost of living in a particular country is also a major point of concern. Thus, some countries have low fees but the cost and expenses of living are quite high. This is also the factor that makes China an ideal place for pursuing the course of MBBS. A candidate can enjoy their native cuisine and food in China at affordable prices.

China is known to be extremely rich when it comes to culture. This is because China is home to people with various culture, ethics, and values. Thus, it is a multicultural county without any racism. China does not stop any person to follow their desired religion and practice throughout their life. This makes it a perfect place for the people from different countries and cultures no type of discrimination has occurred. There are various religions followed by people such as:

  • Buddhism

    Buddhism religion merely arrived in China about over 200 years ago from India. This religion is now termed as one of the largest followed religion of China.
  • Taoism

    Taoism is followed by the native people of China for more than 1700 years and listed as the only native religion of China.
  • Islam

    Islam was spread in China from an Arab Country and presently has over 14 million followers of ethnic groups from places such as Tazik, Kakar, Kazak, and Banan etc.
  • Christianity

    This major form of Christianity religion is Catholicism which was started in China. This religion is now followed by more than 3.3 million people as Catholics and % million people as Protestants.

A person can experience a variety of culinary delights it depends on the place where a person visits. Thus, if a candidate chooses to study MBBS in China he or she can experience various types of feeling by meeting people from different places and religion. This will help the candidates to get socialize with the outer world.

China is the country which covers a huge piece of land from the earth and goes through various climatic conditions. A candidate will find various beautiful landscapes to explore with all new experience and knowledge about new locations. China has a variety of things which is offered to the students who choose to study MBBS on Scholarship in China. The calm, scenic areas of China never fail to please the heart of a person with its inner beauty and provide inner happiness.

The rapid development of the economy of the China from more than the last three decades have been turned the eyes of people towards it modern architecture. The modern architecture of China has developed many tourist places such as Olympic Birds Nest located in Beijing and Shangai Towering Skyscrapers. Hence, China does not only have the modern and pleasant architectures but it is loaded with various historic landmarks with great history.

Some of the major historic landmarks are the Great Wall of China and the Forbidden City of China. These both are the breathtaking places of the China, a candidate can visit to attain relief during weekends and study breaks. Thus, the knowledge about the history of China and its historic monuments will definitely benefit a person mind and inner knowledge. A person who loves to explore new places and things while studying MBBS in China will be quite happy and satisfied with their enrollment in China.

One of the major cultural appeals for any student who chooses to study MBBS Abroad is the unique and social nightlife of that place. Thus, China can provide you an amazing experience of private karaoke rooms and extravagant mega-clubs. These clubs shine their neon signs and play the youth favorite hip-hop tunes till the sun rises. Beijing is known as the hot spot for the clubs. The World of Suzie Wong is the place that should be not missed by a candidate going to checkouts the best clubs.

This club is known to be the flagship of the nightlife scene in Beijing from the year 2002. The club is known to be the hot spot for the capital-rich students and is formerly divided into five major areas. These areas include 1920-styled bar, a charming lounge which mixes the imperial as well as the modern styles of Beijing in the décor. A person is bound to find the area in the club which suits them well and satisfies them to the fullest. Thus, the option of studying in China will turn out to be beneficial for a person in every single aspect.

The fee of medical studies in China is cheap in comparison to other international countries. Thus, there can be students who wish to study at very low fees. These students can choose to study MBBS on Scholarship in China as the Chinese universities who provide admission to the students also offers the various scholarships to them. Some of the scholarships are full-time that means a candidate does not need to pay a single rupee every payment and expenses including living expenses. The second type of scholarship is known as half scholarship in this the fee of the candidate is paid by the Chinese government of the university only but they have to bear their living expenses in China. The third type of scholarship is known as partial scholarship that is half of the fees is paid by the government of China and the rest of the expenses are to be paid by the candidate parents.

A candidate can talk to their consultant for knowing about the scholarship provided by the universities located in China. They can help a candidate to know well about the scholarship in detail and how to avail the scholarship. The consultants are well aware of the scholarships and their every single detail as they have been working with the Chinese Federation for the enrollment of international students in China.

Yes, the students who enrolled for admission in China can do a job as a part-time job to earn money for their daily expenses. Thus, this will help them to gain experience of a job and money which they can use in any case of emergency in occurred to them in China. Some of the international countries do not allow candidates who came for a study to work part-time at any place. When a candidate chooses to study MBBS in China he or she is allowed to work so that they need not to be dependent and put the burden on their parents. Thus, he or she can is allowed to work for some particular hours a week. This limit is set by the Chinese government so that candidates do not disturb their study schedule.

When a candidate chooses to study MBBS abroad they always think to settle and continue work in the same or another international country. Thus, the process of settling permanently in any international country with a work visa is quite complex. On the other hand, the same thing is not followed by the China. Yes, he or she can easily get the work visa for China after completing their study of MBBS in China. Hence, their consultant and university faculty help them to get a work visa for China. A student after completing the desired period of time in China can also apply for the permanent residence of China. He or she will get various rights after getting PR of China such as voting for choosing the government; apply for the army in China and various other benefits.

The universities of China are well-known for their quality and disciplined medical practices. The nine semesters of the course and the 1-year internship of the students in any affiliated hospital train them to be the professional who can treat severe cases. The MBBS in China is mainly divided into two parts (i.e. first part include 4 semesters and the second part includes 5 semesters). The first 4 semesters of the course are all about developing knowledge about the integrated and basic teaching of medical subjects and the last five semesters are about developing knowledge about the various clinical subjects. A candidate is taught different subjects in both the parts of the course. The part one of the courses includes the subjects such as:

  • Anatomy

  • Physiology

  • Biochemistry

  • Community Medicine

  • Microbiology

  • Pharmacology

  • Pathology

The subjects that are taught to a candidate in part two are:

  • Psychiatry and Forensic Medicine

  • Orthopaedics

  • Gynaecology and Obstetrics

  • Medicine

  • Ophthalmology

  • Paediatrics

  • Radiology

  • Skin and VD

  • Anaesthisiology

  • Toxicology

  • Surgery

When a candidate considers to Study MBBS abroad there are many factors for concerning and the major concern factor is the safety of the candidate in that country. China is known as the ideal place for all the candidates to study and be safe. Thus, this country offers safety to the candidates to the fullest. A person should also talk with their consultant for the safety of the candidate. Hence, there are various points a person need to keep for the better safety. Here is some of the safety measure that a candidate needs to follow while studying MBBS in China.

Proper Documentation: The proper documentation of a candidate is important while taking admission in any of the international medical institutions. This is because a small mistake in the documentation can lead to the rejection of the admission of a candidate. The documentation should have photocopies of transfer certificate, 12th marksheet, 10th marksheet, migration certificate, passport, visa, and colored photographs.

Proper Investigation: A candidate who wants to study MBBS on Scholarship in China should properly check about the college they are considering for admission in China. Thus, a person should also check the background of the consultants to get to know that their child career is in safe hands. This will help a person to get enough knowledge about admission procedure and the college their kid is enrolling for.

China has various facilities for the welfare of the students enrolled in the Chinese universities to study MBBS in China. The facility that is provided by any institution is the major thing considered by the students. This contributes to the easy stay of the candidate in that particular college. China has been one of the best places for providing high-class facilities. Some of the major facilities provided by China are:

Bank Accounts: A candidate can open his or her bank account in China with the help of college faculty. Thus, the bank account in China makes it easy for the candidates to transfer money whether sending to parents or receiving from the parents.

Preparatory Faculty: This faculty helps the candidate to learn the native language of China. Thus, it is important for an international candidate to attend the preparatory faculty. This course is one year and adds value to the qualification of a person. A person can direct entry in college without any entrance by scoring good marks in preparatory faculty.

Medical Facilities: The universities of China offer various medical facilities to Chinese as well as international immigrants. Thus, the parent of a candidate needs not to worry about the health of their child.

Various Cuisines: The food is the major factor which contributes to the health of a candidate. Thus, it is not important that every child is a non-vegetarian some be vegetarian. So for those candidates, some of the institutions especially offer various cuisines.

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